How to Log In

How to Log In  

How to Log In

Click on “Beneficiary Administration login”.

If you have previously registered, enter your username and password under the CURRENT USER section.

If you have not previously registered, click on ‘‘Register’’ and read the online agreement. Select ‘‘I Agree’’ and then click ‘‘Continue.’’ Enter the last 6 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN), Date of Birth (DOB) (MM/DD/YYYY) and complete the registration.


Once logged In

Instructions to designate beneficiaries: 

– Click on one of the coverages from the list displayed.
– Click on Beneficiary Information.


The Add/Edit Beneficiaries Page will appear.

– Select the desired beneficiary type, and CONTINUE

If you click on the white “EDIT” button, located left of the Certificate Number you will be able to edit/add beneficiary designations.

NOTE: System will not allow a contingent without a primary beneficiary.

Total % Share across all beneficiaries must equal 100% for Primary Beneficiaries and 100% for Contingent Beneficiaries.

Please Note: Primary beneficiaries are those people who receive the death proceeds when an insured person passes away. Secondary (or contingent) beneficiaries only receive a benefit amount if all primary beneficiaries die before the insured.

– After all changes are keyed, click SUBMIT. A Confirmation Page will appear for review
– If more than one active certificate is on file, you can select to automatically apply same designation changes across all other active certificates for that owner if applicable. This will appear in the section at the bottom of the page, above the e-signature confirmation section. User can select or leave blank then SUBMIT.


Upon Submission, a Thank You page will display.

– Return to the Beneficiary summary page via the hyperlink provided to review the updated beneficiary confirmation pdf or use the VIEW AND PRINT option directly.